Executive Coaching, Mentoring and Development: Testimonials

"Alison's dynamic and informed approach to guiding and facilitating both groups and individuals has enabled myself and my team to create a proposition, a brand identity, and a core set of values. Her skill and diverse range of consulting techniques allowed creation and delivery at pace."

Clare Rafferty, Principal Consultant - Bupa Health and Wellbeing UK

"Alison has provided me with coaching support for the last two years. In that time, she has helped me to clarify the direction in which I want to take my professional life, whilst providing me with a framework for making change happen. Alison has challenged my assumptions and preconceptions in a highly constructive way, providing an environment in which I have felt comfortable exploring and testing my thoughts and ideas. She has employed a number of creative and dynamic methods to stimulate my thinking and to reinforce the fact that I am accountable for making change happen. This, combined with being asked to commit to completing actions by agreed deadlines, has really helped to ensure that my plans have crystallised to a point where I have started preparing for my career change.

As the old song says ... I can see clearly now!"

Richard Galley, Head of Compliance - Bupa

"Alison's contribution as an Executive Coach has been instrumental in the shaping of my Customer Service and Training team in line with our business strategy.

Working with my management team throughout a period of organisational change Alison provided individual coaching and an independent and constructive sounding board for their ideas and aspirations. The benefits of these sessions have resulted in career direction, roles realigned to suit personal skill sets, increased team performance and customer satisfaction. The result is not only a focused management team who are motivated to deliver our business objectives but a team who enjoy what they do but personal satisfaction on a daily basis."

Lesley Kelly, Director Customer Services and Operations - Inmarsat

"We initially used Alison to help us identify improved ways of working together in a key part of our business. Having seen the success that occured we decided that the whole of the Senior Management Team would benefit from a similar exercise using psychometric tools to assist. The transformation was really quite staggering and indeed we will continue to work with Alison to ensure that the learning is not lost over time."

Caroline Wilson, Director Human Resources - Eversheds LLP

"I am fortunate in that my company, Inmarsat, provides personal development opportunities for its employees, and thus it was through internal recommendations that I was introduced to Alison. She unscrambled my ramblings, suggested exercises, and provided support during the self-recognition and change process. I continue to value and apply the results of my coaching sessions with her."

Elizabeth Potter, Executive Assistant - Inmarsat

"Alison has helped our media, brands and technology group immensely in improving communication, interaction and overall teamwork - with real personal and business benefits. Alison's great experience, perceptiveness and sensitivity have been invaluable. She has won the confidence of members of the group at all levels, and we look forward to working with her regularly going forward as our team grows and changes over time"

Giles Crown, Head of department Media, Brands and Technology - Lewis Silkin LLP

"Mid life crisis? Maybe not, but sometimes you reach a stage in your career where you find you are no longer clear about your personal goals and where to go next, or what skills you have to take you there. It is not always easy to self diagnose and find the solution, and often you are too busy doing what you're doing to stop and take a look at yourself.

I found working with Alison helped me enormously by providing an oasis of calm in which to explore, with her guidance, in a logical and structured way, what it is that makes me tick and therefore what I want for the future. Alison enabled me to be objective, and, using proven methods, gave me the clarity I was seeking. Whilst disciplined and demanding, these coaching sessions were always very enjoyable and immediately rewarding. I feel I have derived enormous benefit from the time Alison has spent with me and learnt a great deal about myself. None of us do enough of this".

Peter Tuttle, Business Director - DHL

"Alison is a breath of fresh air in the often confusing and murky world of 'Executive Coaching'. Unlike many of her 'peers', Alison genuinely has the experience, gravitas and panache to truly add value.

Alison provided us with some invaluable, frank and always enjoyable help and guidance when we decided to found our firm, This Partners. With three very different individuals as founders, with often very different viewpoints, we knew that without help we would encounter more problems than necessary. Alison helped us immensely – challenging our vision for the firm, helping us develop a coherent yet simple strategy and also helping us to understand more about ourselves as individuals and what made us tick. Consequently, the firm launched successfully and we work very well together – something that would be much less likely without Alison's support. Thanks Alison!"

Andy Palfrey, Partner - This Partners

"I recently started executive coaching sessions with Alison following some excellent individual and team 360 degree appraisal and feedback work she had done within my Company. Alison has a professional and structured approach but is warm and friendly and very easy to be open with. She asks questions that I wouldn't normally ask of myself and provides tools to structure conversations. The result is that I have redefined my professional goals and am working out the best way to achieve them."

Karen Bach, CFO Europe - Equinix

"I was lucky enough to work with Alison as my executive coach some 4 years ago as part of a management development programme. She helped me identify and recognise my value set and the importance and bearing it has on my perspective, judgements and behaviour. Together we worked on approaches and adaptations I needed to make to deliver, achieve and progress professionally and personally. I gained insight into my expectations and how these relate to those who may have different values and drivers.

All in all the experience was an illuminating journey that opened up my thinking and gave me the tools to make the most of opportuntites and challenges. Given my experience I have also worked with Alison to unlock the potential within my team through tailored coaching and mentoring programmes with specific goals in mind. Without doubt the investment has more than paid back with visible change in behaviour and approach that benefits both the business and the individuals concerned.

Those priviledged to work with Alison have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.Highly recommended!"

Chief Marketing Officer – Bupa

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