System for Identifying Motivated Abilities (SIMA)

What is SIMA?

The SIMA Coaching Programme is a unique four-step approach which enables an individual to identify their source of motivation and achievement.  Adopting a highly supportive and positive framework, SIMA enables the exploration of:

  • Natural strengths and key motivational drivers
  • The circumstances which tend to kick start and sustain strong levels of motivation
  • The type of role that is most likely to be a source of motivation and satisfaction
  • Current concerns and issues around motivation
  • Possible career development steps – including for those individuals who might be at a career crossroads

What might be next in your career?

The SIMA Coaching Programme records unique character traits based on a story telling approach, based on achievements from both inside and outside of work.  Because this approach gathers information that is specific and individual to the person being coached, there is no categorising but rather a reflection of personal motivational patterns and preferences.

Having an awareness of motivation is key in enabling more informed choices about career decisions and appropriate next steps.  The SIMA Programme provides a more confident decision making process.

What if motivation has decreased?

Motivation can decrease for a number of reasons, including burn-out, lack of challenge, or just the feeling of having hit a glass ceiling.  In an increasingly competitive business world, it is essential that people continue to push the barriers and perform at their best.  By completing the SIMA Coaching Programme it is easy to identify reasons for decreasing levels of performance and to re-energise an individual or team by identifying what truly makes them tick.  Understanding the key drivers around motivation can lead to change and a continued increase in performance levels.

How does the SIMA Coaching Programme work?

The Programme starts by an individual ‘telling their story’ about past experiences when they have been highly motivated and achieved a successful outcome.  These stories can come from a variety of scenarios and are not purely work driven.  By collecting this information, it is possible to identify the key circumstances, topics and abilities that are in place when an individual is performing at peak level.

How long does the SIMA Coaching Programme take to complete?

Typically there are up to six coaching meetings each lasting about two hours with personal work in-between each session.  This can vary however, depending on the needs of the individual.

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