Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is NLP?

NLP consists of a number of techniques and approaches which positively impact communication and relationships with others as well as enhancing self-belief and confidence in an individual. NLP is based on clear outcome driven objectives, enabling an individual to take more control of their own interactions, behaviour, approach and performance.

Background to NLP

The co-founders of the NLP philosophy, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, chose the term ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming’ as they saw a connection between the neurological processes, ‘neuro’, language ‘linguistic’ and behaviour patterns that have been learned through experience ‘programming’.  They developed their concept in the 1970’s, inventing a process they called ‘modelling’ that enabled them to study three of the world’s greatest therapists, Dr Milton Erikson, father of modern day hypnotherapy, Fritz Perls, creator of Gestalt therapy and Virginia Satir mother of modern day family therapy.  Through these studies, Bandler and Grindler came to understand what type of techniques best enabled individuals to enhance their way of thinking and behaving in order to gain the best possible outcomes.

When can NLP be used?

NLP is useful in numerous scenarios.  As one of its key objectives is to educate people in self-awareness and effective communication, it can be especially beneficial if an individual wants to change their behaviour in a positive and constructive way to achieve better results.  The impact of NLP can be long-lasting, meaning sustained change. Specifically, it can support individuals to:

  • Improve interaction and communication skills
  • Overcome blocks to performance
  • Manage major change
  • Set clear and realistic objectives for future success

When used as part of an Executive Business Coaching Programme, NLP encourages an individual to see things through their own map of the world, rather than through the eyes of others.

How long does NLP coaching programme take to complete?

Although the Programme usually requires up to six face to face sessions each lasting approximately two hours, it can be adapted to suit individual needs and / or business requirements.   Personal work outside the sessions is often needed.

Coaching is with a qualified NLP Practioner who is trained in the methodology and will provide support and challenge throughout the coaching relationship.

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